Dear Tumblr Staff,

As a user of your website for six years, I am asking you, yet again, to change the Ignore feature to an actually-functioning Block feature. I put people on Ignore because they have done awful things to me and have tried to hurt me, and the fact that they can still see my blog…

your site users are speaking. We want safety from harassment, not another change in reblog button color…

If a user was blocked, couldn’t they view the person who blocked them by simply logging out? Even if their IP address was blocked, pretty much everyone has some sort of smartphone/tablet that they could use instead.

Don’t get me wrong, I want a functioning block feature, I just don’t understand how this would be able to be properly set up on Tumblr.

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posts. School has kept me really busy with finals and projects. I’ll be back once school is officially over on Wednesday.


This one is one of my favorites just because it’s simple and easy to do at home. You will need:

  • A piece of paper
  • ink
  • Space (outside is smarter than inside)
  • A lighter
  • Your spit

What you do:To the best of your ability, draw your target. No, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s just got to be good enough for you to be able to see your target in the drawing, even if only a little bit. Now, write your thoughts down about this person. What’d they do to you? Mine usually consist of a “I hope you learn a fucking lesson” or something of that nature. I don’t usually wish actual harm upon people but anger builds and people need to be taught a lesson when what they do needs to be addressed. Typically this is due to lack of respect, a very shallow view, or ignorance…

Sometimes, I’ll make a little thought bubble or speech bubble with something they had said to be that would not go ignored within it. Now, take your masterpiece outside. Burn it. Angrily burn that shit. Don’t just light it on fire and bless it. I mean, literally, get mad. Now, lay it down on the concrete or dirt or something similar (you know, so your house doesn’t burn down). As it burns, stare into it with all of your anger and spit at that fire.

After the fire burns down, there might be a little piece of it that remains. I’ll tell you what do with that.

Turn it into a curse jar

If you don’t have a piece of paper left, take the ashes from the burned paper and put it into the jar.

You will need a jar, some nails, a teaspoon of vinegar, some water, black salt, and a red candle.

Combine the ingredients into the jar with the remainder of your hate mail and seal it with the wax from the red candle. Bury that shit, don’t open it.

And there you have it.


If you are hoping for exciting weather, this spell can help you conjure up a storm. You only need a few things:

  • A sprig of broom
  • Sea salt
  • Water
  • Wooden spoon
  • A red candle

For this spell you need a piece of the broom plant, NOT an actual broom you sweep with. You may have to check herb suppliers, florists or plants shops to find it. There really isn’t a substitute for broom in a weather spell.

Light the red candle and pour water into the bowl while you say:

Rain that brings a land’s rebirth
Time to weep upon the earth.

Use the spoon to stir up the water, then dip the piece of broom in. Repeat:

Winds shall follow, you shall see
Blowing wildly through the tree

Envision a storm growing in strength and power. Let a few drops of hot wax from the candle fall into the water, and say:

Lightning quick, lightning long
Make it last, make it strong

Add in the salt to seal the spell and stir again. Give it one last stir, and take it immediately outside and toss it all into the air (you can hold onto the bowl). Don’t let the water settle down before you throw it. Now you can expect a storm to start brewing on the horizon within a few days.

(source) - Taken from this ask published by Natural-Magics



  • yellow candle
  • sage incense or herbal stick (peppermint or rosemary would be suitable alternatives)

This spell calls on the power of the element of Air, so it’s helpful to perform it outside or in front of an open window (especially on a breezy day). Light the candle and the incense. Calmly breathe in the scent of the incense and focus on the candle flame. Say the following:

I call upon the power of Air
To clear my mind of confusion,
To help focus my thinking
And clear away the clutter
That keeps me from making important decisions.
Bring in the winds of clarity,
Help me to think rationally and clearly.

Allow the candle to burn itself out (or allow the breeze to blow it out). Repeat as needed.